Italy 2017

Gathering 2017The Gathering! –  We have freshly returned from our time in Italy working with the mission organization Adventive Cross Cultural Initiatives (ACCI).  I love this organization!  Their staff and administration carry an amazing heart in caring for their missionaries.  We found ACCI and S2S Ministries share a very similar philosophy of ministry.  I taught in the morning and evening sessions and Patty and I, as well as a few others led small groups.  In the afternoon Patty and I met privately with individuals and couples for debriefing and counseling.  We felt honored to be trusted to bring a voice to missionaries and ministry leaders living and working on the front-lines.

We met many amazing people.  One person we met was a remarkable African man from the Republic of Burundi, eastern Africa.  Burundi is home to the infamous Hutu and Tutsi tribes.  He had actually made his way out of Burundi to live in South Africa but eventually the Lord called him back to his home to serve Him.  One of the sessions I taught was on forgiveness.  He later shared a testimony with the entire group of how the Lord used that teaching to help him forgive some people who had done him much harm.  The Lord goes to amazing lengths to encourage, bless, heal and free His children.  We look forward to future connections with ACCI and their missionaries!

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Hong Kong – November 2016

FullSizeRWe had the privilege of working with Saint Stephen’s Society, the 50 year ministry of founder and director Jackie Pullinger. Jackie is the author of the heart-impacting book, Chasing The Dragon.  This humble and successful ministry is primarily focused on those ensnared in addictions, but also extends to others trapped in various forms of poverty, pain and hopelessness.  We worked alongside “the brothers” (those living in the facility) sharing meals and hearing their stories of redemption and hope.  It was also wonderful to work with “the helpers” (the staff) and hear their amazing stories of how the Lord called and led them to such a joyful-yet-costly work.

Many stories were shared as we worked alongside “the brothers”.  Over lunch, one man I will call Bai, who happened to be my age, shared with me his story.  As a young man he worked on cargo ships that traveled the world.  Because of his entry into international ports he developed a fairly prosperous drug trade.  But, as his drug habit grew, his health began to fail and he ended up back in Hong Kong, sick, severely addicted, jobless and broke.  His young wife let him know he was not welcomed home. Bai came across a friend who he had formally shared needles with.  Bai told me his friend’s face was bright and full of life!  He asked him “what happened”?  Bai’s friend had given his life to the Lord and with the help of Saint Stephen’s Society was clean of his drug habit.  That very day Bai’s friend took him to meet Jackie Pullinger who welcomed him into the Home.  Bai gave his life to the Lord and a new addiction-less, hope-filled life began!  He was later reunited with his family.  Bai, with his amazing Chinese smile, took my hand, looked me in the eye and said all of his children were Christians and also college graduates!  His joy and gratitude were uncontainable!  Bai now has a job “on the outside” but returns often to “give back” to those who are seeking the freedom that he knows only the Lord can provide!

The 7 times 70 Approach – The primary focus of Saint Stephen’s is to bring the addicted first into a relationship with Jesus and then, through the power of the Holy Spirit walk them through breaking addictions.  But this is not a straight path!  It is not unusual for a brother to run away, sometimes several times.  Their heart approach is ALWAYS to welcome the brother back, celebrate his return and to once again start with him the journey to freedom.  The parable of the Prodigal Son is enfleshed on their bones!

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Italy, November 2015



On the left is Emanuele Euadagno, diretor of Elim’s Smile, at their new distribution center.

This was my sixth trip to Italy.  It was a great combination of working with old friends and making new.  It was wonderful to reconnect with Luke and Dawn Mann of Adventive Cross Cultural Initiatives.  Working with the Mann’s and their organization

Luke and dawn

Luke and Dawn Mann, ACCI

was my primary focus for this trip. It was also wonderful to reconnect with Elim’s Smile.  You may remember from last year this fledgling organization was birthed in the hearts of an amazing group of Italians, both young and old, to reach the poor and needy. They present the Gospel in and word and deed
and they are making an impact.  The Lord is blessing their work and it continues to grow.

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Honduras 2015

hopeHonduras –  I recently had the privilege of spending time with the Miller family in the beautiful mountains of  Honduras.  Mike and Kim Miller and their beautiful daughters have loved their way into their local community and the hearts of the children they care for.

The central focus of the ministry is the 014Hope of Jesus Children’s Home. Each child in their home comes from a situation of great need.  My many years of experience with Children’s Homes in Thailand caused me to smile at the structure of their work.  The children are in smaller, nurturing homes making every effort to create a family environment.  It was a joy for me to hear the children’s voices singing at full volume during the chapel service!  Their mission includes community development projects as well as a coffee growing project with a goal to help offset some of the expenses of the Home.  My role was to provide some training as well as some guidance on some transitional direction for the ministry.  From my perspective, it was clearly a God-ordained and Spirit-led time and I think the Millers would agree.  Please continue to pray for this family, their staff and the work they are doing in a country that is known for its danger and violence.

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Tasmania November 2014

Tassie 2014TASMANIA –  I always find it difficult to translate our ministry experiences into written words.  It is challenging because those experiences are many, varied and most often deeply personal.  This certainly describes our recent outreach to Tasmania.  Couples, families, individuals and groups were our ministry connecting points.  A real highlight was once again working with the Directions Tas team in providing a Men’s Retreat.  In my estimation it was profound ministry.  The location of the retreat was rustic and format of the retreat was quite unique as it beautifully opened sacred space for hidden hurts of men’s hearts to be healed.  And indeed some were!  One man, after allowing the Lord to take him to a deep place of forgiveness, wept many healing tears in my embrace.  His whispered words to me were “the poison has come out”.  He, as well as others left the Retreat with a greater capacity to experience the Lord, life, family and even some laughter.

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Kenya, Africa 2014

Map of AfricaKenya is an amazing country punctuated with harsh violence, beautiful yet rugged land, heartbreaking poverty and needy people that our Lord dearly loves.  It is an heart-impacting place.

Kijabe Hospital – Our team visited the amazing work of the

Kijabe Hospital

Kijabe Hospital

Kijabe Hospital.  Our team members had the privilege of spending time in the HIV/AIDS ward, visiting folks in their homes who were at the end of their lives, going on rounds with hospital chaplains and holding sick babies.   Our good friends Andy and Mardi Steere, SIM missionaries, are key individuals in the work of the hospital.  Andy, a civil engineer, as funds are available is constantly improving the infrastructure of this 100 year old facility.  Mardi is the Medical Director of this hospital that does 10,000 plus surgeries a year.  Their patients are poor, sick and needy.  We experienced firsthand the incredible burden of the prioritizing of funds and staff necessary to keep the hospital functioning.  Sadly, during our stay, the oxygen producing plant failed and three infants did not survive.  Please keep the Steere’s in your prayers as they wholeheartedly serve the Lord while also raising their own family.

SIM Conference – SIM gathered their missionaries serving in Kenya and Tanzania for a four day Spiritual Life Conference. Our Team provided child care, fun with teenagers and worship.  My role was to provide a one day Marriage Seminar, debriefing/counseling, ideas that create longevity in the Field and a seminar for single missionaries.  My schedule was full!  I had the privilege of working with Dr. Judy Frey, local member care director.  I think in all the countries that Patty and I have worked with missions organizations, this group may have been the most open, engaged and invested.  The feedback has been amazing!  While I returned to the States as tired as I can ever remember, thanks partly to the African Weight Loss program (smile), my heart was full.  I believe our partnership with SIM will continue and expand.

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