Ministry History

Below please find a brief history of the development of Shoulder To Shoulder Ministries, Inc.

Ray and Patty McConnell entered into ministry as full time missionaries in 1994.  Their first year was spent with YWAM New Zealand, training and serving as staff.  In 1995 they were called to serve with YWAM on theislandofTasmania.  During their time in Tasmania their ministry included: family counseling and a youth group called Jacob’s Ladder Theatre Company, which was a local outreach to young people and families. Their work also included a ministry called ‘Rebuilding Foundations’, short term overseas outreaches and teaching in a number of venues.  During that time they also ministered inIndia,Fiji,Russiaand several European countries.

In 1999 Ray and Patty took their first team to Thailand..  In late 1999 they founded the missions organization Shoulder To Shoulder Ministries, Inc.(S2S).  Over the years they were blessed to work alongside staff who contributed to the success and growth of the ministry. Special thanks go to Jeff and Rowena Lloyd and Kate Birtles of Australia, Cecelia Skold of Sweden, Palita Mongkolkulpongsai and Tui Chambers of Thailand, Burt and Teresa Nightingale, and George Nightingale of the United States.  Over time the Community Programs were developed, which included; Discipleship/Scholarship Students, HIV/Aids Hunger Relief, and Community Development.

During the development of the Community Programs the McConnell’s also developed Ministry Training and Care (MTC). MTC provides training, development and encouragement to a growing number of missionaries and ministries worldwide. Through the vehicles of Training Seminars, Retreats, Small Groups, Pastoral Care and Counseling, missionaries, pastors and others are encouraged and prepared to meet the weighty demands of their work.  The goal is that marriages are strengthened, family priorities are clarified, and skills are sharpened, all lending to the longevity, health, and success of the missionary or ministry calling.

After nearly 12 years of development, the McConnell’s, along with the Board of Shoulder To Shoulder Ministries, believed the Community Programs portion of their work in Thailand had come of age, and was ready to continue as an autonomous ministry, separate and independent from Shoulder To Shoulder Ministries. Recognized and seasoned leaders, have taken the reins of the ministry in Thailand. This change and maturing of the ministry has allowed the McConnell’s to expand the work of Shoulder To Shoulder Ministries, Inc.

S2S, through the work of the McConnell’s, is now partnering with more organizations. S2S continues to work in Thailand, but has also expanded and is continuing to expand to more countries around the world.


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