Below are a few of the testimonies that we have received.  We thank the Lord that our work has played a small role in ministering to those who faithfully serve Him.

For several years now I have had a joy of networking and partnering in my work to families affect by HIV/AIDS with Ray & Patty at S2S Ministries here in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand. Ray & Patty are “supporters”, they are the sort of people who encourage and when needed they have “held my arms up”. It has been my experience that sometimes life can get tough and these guys have been there for me, encouraging me to persevere and hearing my pain. They have been a blessing to me also by counseling and caring for some of my staff through some tough issues they have faced. I have felt in many ways that Ray and Patty took me under their wing and I was loved by them.

I love their vision of S2S, I remember when Ray & Patty first told me about their desire to be there for people and be a shoulder for people to lean on, be a support for the workers and missionaries in our area, I was stoked! Definitely a genuine need, we all need pastoral care to keep on going and these guys do it well. Ray and Patty’s ministry has done so much more than what I can write here. I’ve heard stories of S2S impacting the lives of university students and children in a long-term and positive way, bringing hope and encouragement to lives.

I remember well the time my hubby and I signed up for a marriage retreat provided by Ray & Patty. It was practical, down-to-earth, fun and a well-organized event, where we were able to put our marriage under a magnifying glass for a brief few days and assess how we could grow in our understanding and love together, it was a neat time and we still benefit from those days.

I am grateful for the lives and vision of both Ray & Patty, they have been examples to me of greatness, not so great that I can never achieve or attain it but a greatness that is possible, making a difference in my world one day at a time. I am inspired to continue running the race of life, to not give up. They have been real and shared their tough stuff and that has helped me have tools to face life’s challenges. I am encouraged and inspired by their lives. If you have a chance to get to know them…. take it, you won’t be sorry.
Penny Wilcox 
Director, Home of the Open Heart
Chiangrai, Thailand

(For reasons of sensitivity, the following testimony is provide anonymously)

Ministry.  In the Body of Christ, we toss that word around frequently!  “Doing ministry”.  “In ministry”.  “Which ministry” do you work with?   But how often do we pause (Selah) and think of what that word entails?  To describe the “ministry” I have received from Ray & Patty, I first need to refer to how Jesus grew and developed.  This may seem a bit unusual, but hang in there with me!  In Luke 2:52, we read that Jesus grew “in wisdom, and stature, and in favor with God and men”.  And those are the four areas in which I was “ministered” to by them.  First wisdom, through prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit, I can now more wisely discern the voice of the enemy and stop the lies.  Second stature (physical), because the lies have been defeated and the areas of wounding healed, I am much healthier physically, I have more energy and my countenance has changed!  Third favor with God, my spiritual life has been deepening more rapidly than I dreamed possible.  There is a new-found knowledge of God’s love for me.  Even more important to me during this time of ministry was my new-found understanding of the depth of His protection over me throughout my life.  Fourth favor with man (social), because of the  healing prayers over severely dysfunctional abuse, I am now much more fun to be around!  I laugh!  I have hope!  I am an encourager!  People have noticed the difference!

I thank God for Ray & Patty’s ministry.  And I celebrate it often by giving thanks to God and praising Him for laying it on their hearts to minister in this way.  It has changed my life!
Ministry Leader  
Southeast Asia

Ray and Patty have been wonderful influences in our ministry with YWAM, and in our personal life. Ray has taught multiple times in our Discipleship Training Schools on Intimacy with God and has been a bridge for many students in growing closer to their Creator. He has also served the Discipleship Training School staff by teaching them simple counseling skills that enable them to more effectively minister to students. As a couple, Ray and Patty gave pre-marriage counseling to us. Giving counsel from their own story and experiences they helped us to establish a real, firm foundation for our marriage that has prepared us well for the adventure of two becoming one.

Ray and Patty have a real, genuine heart to see others experience freedom, grow close to Jesus, and live life to the fullest. To that end, they themselves are walking testimonies!
Josh and Anjelica Parsons,
Youth With A Mission, Chiang Rai, Thailand

We have known and worked with Ray and Patty McConnell at S2S for over 10 years and we are so blessed to know them! We are currently pastoring a church in regional Australia and have been encouraged recently by two visits to our emerging work here.

During their visits, Ray and Patty have run a retreat for married couples and have provided input to the local minister’s association. They have counseled and encouraged individuals and have preached in church services. More significantly, Ray and Patty have simply embraced us and our family spending their precious time with us, the biggest blessing of all. We love our regular dose of Shoulder to Shoulder encouragement, as pastors, friends and colleagues. We strongly commend their work to you.
 Jeff & Rowena Lloyd  
Pastors, C3 Church
Bathurst, Australia  

I would love to personally recommend the ministry of Ray & Patty McConnell. They are true ministers of the gospel and bring health and healing to all those that sit under their ministry. They have been great friends personally, and to our church community. Ray & Patty have a unique love for the Lord which has been born out of His work in their own personal life, so it is real, applicable and very honest. They move with compassion and understanding from Gods word and life’s experience. I have no hesitation in recommending them to you and trust that you will be blessed by the hard yards that they have done to have gained the wealth which they freely give.
Lucas Jacometti, Senior Pastor C3 Church
Hobart, Tasmania

I have known Ray and Patty, founders of S2S ministry, for 7 years. I have spent time with them often during those years.   They spent time with us at one of the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) training centers in Norway.

I have found that in any kind of organization , it is very easy to became so busy and chase after the vision of the ministry, we can forget each other in doing so. I think Ray and Patty have been such a blessing to our center. They came and first saw us and showed their care. With that they taught us to see each other too and carry each other. In doing so we can walk together much deeper and become a much greater blessing to each other and to others outside the ministry. It is exactly what Jesus said, If you love each other, then the world will see Who I am. I think that S2S ministry can be such a blessing for single people, families and also to organizations.                  Evelina Soe of Estonia                                Eintroa, YWAM Norway

I am thankful for Ray and Patty’s counseling ministry in Chiangrai, Thailand.  Having accepted the Lord as my Savior at the age of 23, I knew I was a forgiven sinner from my promiscuous teens and early 20s, but for 36 years I had allowed that past to follow and taunt me.  After meeting with Ray and Patty, we realized I had never forgiven myself nor believed that I was forgiven for such a lifestyle.  I was guided to take all my dark years and place them individually and collectively at the foot of the Cross and leave them there.  I was able to say, “Debbie, I forgive you,” and believe it.  Oh, what a peace that has followed!  Praise be to God!
Debbie Grosser                                            
Chiangrai, Thailand

I’m always amazed how God puts people together. I met Ray and Patty during my Primary Health Care outreach in Thailand 2000 and somehow know our paths would cross again. Soon after God called me back to work with them and Shoulder to Shoulder Ministries. I got to know two great people who became friends, mentors and wonderful examples. Together we traveled in the villages, tried to be God’s hands of love to orphans and those in need and served Thailand, the country God had given us.

After my time in Thailand I went back home to Sweden and was blessed to have them come and visit twice. I also got to go and see them when they visited YWAM Norway. Every time they’ve poured into my life and my congregation here in Sweden and have pointed us to God and to the intimate relationship He calls us to. Patty has shared at a women’s breakfast and Ray has taught in several meetings. Through them my church has been given a chance to know God more, at a personal level.

Personally Ray and Patty are heart friends who share my passion for Jesus and my longing to live as His Beloved. The time, wisdom and friendship they have given me are priceless and have taken me closer to God. I thank my Lord for them and Shoulder to Shoulder, a ministry that blesses many.
Cecelia Skold
Vallhamrakyrkan Chruch
Gothernberg, Sweden


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