Italy 2017

Gathering 2017The Gathering! –  We have freshly returned from our time in Italy working with the mission organization Adventive Cross Cultural Initiatives (ACCI).  I love this organization!  Their staff and administration carry an amazing heart in caring for their missionaries.  We found ACCI and S2S Ministries share a very similar philosophy of ministry.  I taught in the morning and evening sessions and Patty and I, as well as a few others led small groups.  In the afternoon Patty and I met privately with individuals and couples for debriefing and counseling.  We felt honored to be trusted to bring a voice to missionaries and ministry leaders living and working on the front-lines.

We met many amazing people.  One person we met was a remarkable African man from the Republic of Burundi, eastern Africa.  Burundi is home to the infamous Hutu and Tutsi tribes.  He had actually made his way out of Burundi to live in South Africa but eventually the Lord called him back to his home to serve Him.  One of the sessions I taught was on forgiveness.  He later shared a testimony with the entire group of how the Lord used that teaching to help him forgive some people who had done him much harm.  The Lord goes to amazing lengths to encourage, bless, heal and free His children.  We look forward to future connections with ACCI and their missionaries!

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